Common Questions about Prong Collars

Question: Do Prong Collars hurt dogs?
Answer:No, anyone that tells you that Prong Collars or Pinch Collars hurt dogs are either misinformed or have never been taught the science behind the Prong Collar. The prong collar works on the principle of weight distribution. It’s no different than a magician laying on a bed of nails. If the magician was to lay on 20 nails that are spaced away from each other is no way he could do the trick however in the trick the magician lays on 2000 nails that are closely grouped together which creates more surface area. The prong collar works on the same principle, each collar is appraised of multiple links evenly distributed around the dogs and neck which creates a greater surface area. Yes the collar makes it uncomfortable for the dog to pull but he does not hurt the dog unless used incorrectly.

Question: Does the Prong Collar emulate a mother dogs bite on the neck?
Answer: It’s my opinion that this is not the case. The Prong Collar merely is a piece of equipment that helps the dog not reinforced themselves by pulling. Dogs enjoy pulling, the more they pull on the leash the more this becomes reinforcing however by utilizing a Prong Collar the dog is no longer reinforcing itself and making the problem worse.

Question: Is the Prong Collar a substitute or training?
Answer: No, the Prong Collar is only a training aid and goes along with positive reinforcement dog training. In many cases the Prong Collar allows the user to feel more confident when handling their dog in a group setting or public class.

Question: where should my Prong Collar be placed on the dog’s neck?Answer: In most cases users do not properly size their Prong Collar. The Prong Collar should be fitted so it stays high up on the dog’s neck and does not fall down around the dog shoulders. Dogs like many animals and pull. when they have the upper hand on leverage. When a dog can put its head down and drive forward with the shoulders they can usually pull their hardest. However if you’re Prong Collar is sized correctly and can stay high up on the dog’s neck it does not allow the dog to get leverage and therefore eliminates pulling in some cases altogether.

Question: How can I educate others about the Prong Collar?
Answer: I think if most people understood the science behind the Prong Collar it would make them more comfortable with utilizing it or supporting those who do. One of the things I personally do when helping educate those around me is let them hold my Prong Collar and even put the collar around their bicep so they can feel exactly what the dog feels. In most cases people are merely just using their eyes and this causes a preconceived judgment.

Question: Would my vet recommend a Prong Collar?
Answer: In most cases yes your veterinarian would recommend a Prong Collar especially if you have a large dog in your having difficulty walking him or her safely.

Question: Why should I get a Slip & Clip Prong Collar?Answer: Our Slip & Clip Prong Collars are not for everyone. On Amazon you can buy a standard Prong Collar for under $20. However these inexpensive Prong Collars are cheaply made and in some cases unsafe to use. All of our Prong Collars are made from Herm Sprenger a German company years of experience in making a high quality dog collars including the Prong Collar. Our Slip & Clip Prong Collars although is more expensive are redesigned to make it safe and easy to take off your dog. With the standard Prong Collar you have to pinch two of the links and put them in the corresponding link while trying to size a correctly and have your dog hold still.
Thank you.