Slip & Clip Prong Collars For Military Dogs

Military Dog Prong Collar

Are you a Military Dog Trainer looking for a easy to use and high quality prong collar? The Slip & Clip Prong Collar was invented by Jason Lake from Prodogz Dog Training. All Slip & Clip Prong Collars are designed and made here in Oregon (USA made with American jobs). Slip & Clip Prong Collar is the original designer of all the Slip on prong collar.

Why the Slip & Clip Prong Collar over traditional prong collars? Our Slip & Clip Prong Collars are made to make it easy to take the prong collar off and on in a moment’s time. With our trademark design our prong collar can be easily removed from its place of storage and quickly put on your Military K9 within seconds.

Our Slip & Clip Prong Collars are made from Herm Sprenger and then modified by a professional welder with over 30 years of experience. HERM SPRENGER PRONG COLLAR: Our dog collars, dog training collars and dog training tools are safe and with proper use. HERM SPRENGER PRONG COLLAR: High-quality, steel chrome plated; Fits dogs with up to a 14-28 inch neck. HERM SPRENGER PRONG COLLAR: This dog training collar features safety ends for the safety of the dog and the owner. DOG CORRECTION COLLAR: Center plate allows for even pressure/correction. HERM SPRENGER PRONG COLLAR.

So if you are looking for an easy to use high quality prong collar for your Military working dog than feel confident with purchasing our Slip & Clip Prong Collar. Most orders are processed and sent out within 24 to 48 hours from the time of purchase.