Prong Collars for Beagles

Prong Collars for dog training. Slip and Clip Prong Collar

Prong collars if used correctly are not only a great training tool but also a safe and easy to use alternative to your harness or choke chain. Akita's benefit from our Prong Collars and many Beagles owners prefer prong collars.

Our Slip & Clip Prong Collar was designed to help dog owners safely use the prong collar by allowing them to take it on and off with little or no effort. Traditional prong collars require the user to pinch two of the links and slide them into the connecting holes of the corresponding link.

This can be very difficult especially if you have a young dog that does not like to sit still or you do not have a lot of finger strength.

So if you have a Beagles or a Beagles mix we highly recommend our Slip & Clip Prong Collar. We do not just recommend prong collars because we are a leading manufacturer of easy to use prong collars but also because we have over 25 years of training experience and have worked with many Akita.

So if you have a Beagles and are curious if the Slip & Clip Prong Collar is right for you and your dog please feel free to contact us via phone, email or are Facebook page.